Rodney Robin



‘One summer day, young Rodney Robin spread his little wings and flew far, far from home. He wanted an adventure! He wanted to explore!’ Rodney goes too far, of course, and now it’s dark. He hears strange noises and sees creatures of the night and is afraid! But through a series of fun encounters with fearsome animals, Rodney learns to confront his fears, make new friends, and slowly make his way back home safely. This wonderful little picture book is brightly illustrated and sure to engage your young read-aloud audience eager to hear about other little ones who can overcome the fears we all face. Recommended.”        

Best of the Best of Children’s Literature Committee,
Pennsylvania School Librarians Association


Rodney Robin’s Fabulous Adventure is a fresh, fun and delightful story, beautifully illustrated and wonderfully told. Set in a faraway forest where Rodney wisely decides to spend the night after roaming too far, the story is a joyful adventure that celebrates overcoming fears and making new friends. Rodney’s unexpected evening of fun will bring a smile to the faces of young readers, and will encourage friendliness and hospitality toward others in new situations.”    

~ L. Burton, Media Specialist
Philadelphia Public Schools